Happy New Year!

It’s our Director Shaz’s 50th this year! She’s having a new suit now how about you? Do you have a big Birthday? A wedding? A new job or do you just want to look super cool in a suit that actually fits!

Let us know we are always happy to chat.

Look out for our deals :

Take advantage of a New Year 10% discount


Opt for our £1500 all in wedding package which is 1 x 3 piece suit, shirt and cravat! (See our Pricing Page)

Email: Shaz@thebutchclothingcompany.co.uk


The Butch Clothing Company was founded in the summer of 2009 by Shaz Riley a 43 yr old, self confessed butch women who realised that along with her and her friends, there must be many gay women around the world who longed for male style suits that would actually fit them. Her aim and vision was to create a company that could provide suits, jackets & trousers (pants), shirts & waistcoats (vests), even overcoats & accessories that would ultimately fit gay women perfectly!
Well it was certainly a challenge with plenty of learning curves but 5 years on we are proud to say that the company has achieved just that and much more. We have welcomed many different women to the company (and the occasional chap).
We are delighted to share our website with you. From here you can see client’s images, client testimonials, links to our Twitter and face book pages, take a look at our accessories including our great cuff link range. You can also read some of the fantastic press coverage we have received since we began trading in June 2010 & don’t forget to take a look at our BCC BLOG page!

Remember all the gay women seen on our site are real clients! We never ever use models!

We are enormously proud that we have been able to create The Butch Clothing Company and are extremely excited to be moving forward with our team, our design processes and most importantly you guys, our clients.
So explore our site and find out how and why we are here and how we can help you!
In return we hope that you’ll find us innovating and exciting and whether you want to be on trend in a skinny fit suit, whether you need the corporate look, or maybe you are getting married (because we can now in many parts of the world!) and you need that all important wedding suit, we are here to provide you with all that you need!

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