Beautifully hand crafted bespoke suits for ALL

Newsflash Summer 17- If you are looking for the perfect suit talk to us! We are always delighted to offer a fixed price. If you have searched for the perfect wedding suit with no success we believe we can help. Email

We are delighted to share our website with you. From here you can see client images, client testimonials, links to our Twitter and Facebook pages, take a look at our fabrics & accessories with our great cuff link, tie, bow tie &  cravat range.

We are enormously proud that 8 years ago we created our company and are extremely excited to be moving forward with our team, our design processes and most importantly you, our clients.

We specialize in bespoke suits for gay women, hey we even make suits for men. We offer you the chance to create your own style within our brand. No two people are the same this we recognize and embrace.  We want our suits to fit YOU perfectly in body, style and mind. Feeling like you surpass any expectations you had to looking great is the key to our success.

So explore our site and find out how and why we are here and how we can help you!
We hope  you’ll find us innovating & exciting. So please use our contacts page and let us know how we can help you!

For an idea of the cost to invest in a bespoke suit why not jump to our Pricing Page