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Butch is not a label it’s an identity! Until now…….At the Butch Clothing Company, Butch is much more than an identity it has its own label!Founder and Director of the company is Shaz Riley, who is clear that the concept of the Butch Clothing Company (The BCC) is a concept born from experience. Shaz is a 48 year old Butch Gay Woman and extremely proud to be so!The concept of our brand is simple. Butches are women; they are women who choose to wear men’s style clothing. Although let us be clear, since launching the business we have had a multitude of clients all of whom identify in many different ways and as a company we welcome everybody! Lesbian Clothing is a niche market. It has proved very difficult for many years for gay women to find attire perfect for them. Now with the world changing and gay women being legally recognized to marry many are looking for lesbian wedding outfits. They want these suits not just for their big day but for many years to come so we help all our clients design suits specifically for them & for their lifestyle.Apparel is a major part of a gay woman’s identity whether you identify as butch or not. Which is exactly why we began the company way back in 2009

We aren’t reinventing the wheel, just allowing our team to create clothing based on classic male styles and the latest fashion trends.
As a company we believe in responsible business. We work only in a respectful and ethical way. Our manufacturing partners believe the same. Suit production is run in the Far East and through our manufacturer’s ethical code of practice they are committed to running workshops as opposed to sweatshops, paying 50% above the national wage for all employees. They take great pride in enriching the local community and environment. We believe this is responsible business!

In addition, we do recognise that Butch/Lesbian is an identity, a way of life, a way of being and we have embraced the idea that a fashion house for Butch/Gay women is an exciting and exhilarating concept that can only enhance our lifestyles.

Although aimed at butch/gay women the company is non exclusive. We embrace diversity and will design for Female & Male.