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Is this a sign that we are still being discriminated against? Or is it just a way of determining that the world has evolved and all of a sudden in many far flung corners, slowly but surely some of us have been afforded the RIGHT to marry?
But are we not just two human beings who fall in love and choose to marry? Why should this be determined as a ‘RIGHT’?
The truth is the heterosexual world has had the privilege of marriage since the dawn of time we should…


I spend a good deal of my time these days introducing myself like this ‘Hi I’m Shaz Riley I own The Butch Clothing Company’, well it’s no lie I do and I am.

I run a company that 20, 15 even 10 years ago probably wouldn’t have made it this far let alone become a success. We are of course of our time. We live in a world today that because of the internet means we reach a global audience.

In the UK we have Civil partnerships & we…


It’s an interesting question for a gay woman, what is my own look?
You see I think that because we lesbians are all so very different, with so many different labels we give ourselves and society gives us, that sometimes even as we travel through life it’s hard to establish what actually works for us as individuals.
As human beings in this ever changing world we all change our looks, we have our hair cut, shaved, blow dried, dyed, permed. It’s all there, a gambit of choice.
Now my regular readers will…


It’s an interesting concept blogging!
But only truly great if people are prepared to discuss what you blog…hmmmm dilemma time
Ok here goes…If you own a company that tailors suits for gay women, and you offer lesbian clothing, clothes for lesbians, clothes for gay women getting married, butch clothing, you are certainly in a niche market regardless of labels!
You are certainly in a market that needs labels and not just those on your garments. How do you…


Traditionally it would seem, May to September, certainly in the Western world, is wedding season. In U.K. gay marriage was legalized in 2005 however 2011 has been the busiest year to date, at least from my vantage point as director of The Butch Clothing Company.

I have a plethora of clients, the majority of whom are marrying between now and next February. Which begs the question, Is wedding season now all year round? Let’s hope so, let’s make it so!

In so…