‘Gay marriage’ What…..Gay Marriage? Surely it’s just marriage?

Is this a sign that we are still being discriminated against? Or is it just a way of determining that the world has evolved and all of a sudden in many far flung corners, slowly but surely some of us have been afforded the RIGHT to marry?
But are we not just two human beings who fall in love and choose to marry? Why should this be determined as a ‘RIGHT’?
The truth is the heterosexual world has had the privilege of marriage since the dawn of time we should have had that ‘RIGHT’ too.
Agree or disagree this change is here for at least some of us, thank goodness.
Hopefully the nations with ill conceived view points on homosexuals will somehow follow suit. In the mean time we will keep walking the walk, talking the talk and buying our wedding suits eh!
Anyway for us at The Butch Clothing Company the positive of all this is that as times change, we gay women do indeed get the chance at least consider our wedding suits.
It’s interesting though because for us, however we identify: lesbian, butch, femme, no label, have we ever really thought about our wedding attire before?
Historically little girls dream of their ‘big day’ they supposedly imagine the groom, the dress, their Dads walking them up the aisle etc. But for us butch lesbians those thoughts, it would seem, never entered our head.
I remember a friend of my parents telling me that when I was a small child, a group of my parents friends commented to my Father that he better start saving for my wedding, to which my Dad simply smiled and said ‘I don’t think that will be required’. This makes me smile.
But what makes me smile even more is that, of course, the little girls of today, who will grow into proud butch identified gay women will indeed be able to day dream about their wedding. They can dream of their beautiful bride, their parents on the top table and of course their wedding suit!
I am not sure that as I marched through life into my now tender age of 48 that I ever dreamed we could come this far.
I married, well Civil Partnered, my gorgeous wife (and she is) in May 2011 we had big affair. Very traditional, very out and very proud. OMG we loved it and for us it was like a little miracle in our own lifetime. However, even we have experienced several individuals who have said and I quote ‘still it’s not really marriage is it’.
Well for us it is marriage, but of course sadly they are quite right, in the eyes of the law it is not!
Well as of 29th March 2014 in the UK ‘gay marriage’ will indeed be legal.
Those of us Civil Partnered will evidently be able to transition our CP status to that of marriage by the end of this year. We will of course do this, if for no other reason than to stop those idiots who claim our partnership, our wedding, is less valid than our heterosexual peers.
So I urge all of you, with a big smile on my face to start considering your own wedding suits now!
We are for all you. Just take a good look round our website and give us shout!
Happy Marriage!
Director, The BCC

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  1. carol says:

    Hi, just listened to you shaz on radio kent, I could have sat and listened to you and the other radio presenters you were talking too all night, you should do your own radio prog Shaz .loved hearing about you so openly and proudly about your other half Sue, and your clothing company. If myself and my lovely other half lyn, decide to marry after 34 years will certainly get in touch. Thank you and have a brilliant camping holiday. Regards carol x

    • Shaz says:

      Thanks Carol that was a lovely and truly appreciated message. If you use facebook, why not follow us our page is simply The Butch Clothing Company. Its a fan page and you might enjoy following all our updates and photos. PS I would love my own show 😉

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