Gay Women’s Suits….. How do you tell the world!

It’s an interesting concept blogging!
But only truly great if people are prepared to discuss what you blog…hmmmm dilemma time
Ok here goes…If you own a company that tailors suits for gay women, and you offer lesbian clothing, clothes for lesbians, clothes for gay women getting married, butch clothing, you are certainly in a niche market regardless of labels!
You are certainly in a market that needs labels and not just those on your garments. How do you identify yourself to the rest of the world as a gay company, a company that is here for gay women however they may identify.
I think our client testimonials and client images in our gallery page reflect the wide variety of women who have come to us looking for a suit. You don’t have to be butch to design and purchase from us, you don’t have to be English to design and purchase from us, but what is fantastic is that you do have to be gay! No I’m joking, you don’t HAVE to be gay, of course not, but the point is we are here for you, the gay women of the world!
These days many gay women get married globally and it’s pretty hard for those of us not into ‘frocks’ to be able to find the perfect wedding outfit that fits!
Now you must understand creating a wedding suit for a gay woman (no matter how they identify) is a challenge, but proudly I state it’s a challenge The BCC has risen to. We have to date, had in excess of 100 clients worldwide, now 100 clients may not sound like a lot but think of it this way. Since the dawn of time there have been gay women, for hundreds of years these gay women had to dress to conform, then, god bless the likes of non conformists like Radcliffe Hall who gave so many the courage to look for a new way to dress to reflect who they were. Yet even when gay women stood upright and proud and decided that a lesbian could and should where men’s style suits what happened? Well let me tell you, the world, through the 60’s 70’s definitely the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s said ok you wear these men’s suits if you must. So we did!
And we shopped in departments stores, and men’s tailoring establishments and renowned hire stores and what happened? Well we would got called ‘Sir’ or asked ‘Madam is this for your husband’ (well the more feminine among us) and when they realised we weren’t ‘Sir’ and we definitely didn’t have a husband they either ignored us hoping we would disappear or often in a dismissive half hearted fashion, they would assist us to purchase an ill fitting catastrophe that would on occasions be almost comedic!
Now this happened year in year out in the UK, in the USA, in Australia, in Asia, in Europe, you name the place it happened. So millions upon millions of gay women looking for that perfect suit consistently settled for second best.
Now this is where we come in…Decades after Radcliffe Hall, decades after homosexuality became legal, even a decade or so after being a lesbian became socially acceptable, The Butch Clothing Company arrived!
But wow reaching out to all those suit wearing gay women in the world is a challenge. Now I read somewhere on line recently that they estimate there are 9 million gay people in the US alone now if we average half of those as being lesbian that puts us with a potential niche market state side of 4.5 million women.
In the UK a recent national newspaper claimed that the gay population in the UK reaches 6% that’s 3.6 million people. That’s maybe 3% gay women, a 1.8 million lesbian marketplace.
So a niche market in the UK and US combined represents a figure of perhaps 6.3 million people!
Question is how do we tell this wonderful demographic of these two countries, and beyond, that finally there is a company who shares their experience, was born from their experience, that offers one on one consultations to allow you to design and create the most perfectly fitted suit you could previously only ever dreamt of owning?
Well the answer is you try hard, you try hard to spread the word, you use marketing (even on a limited budget) you embrace social media and you just keep trying, you ask everyone to put a link to your website on their website, you ask everyone to tell everyone they know. You write blogs which you hope will encourage people to tell more people. And then maybe just maybe one day all those 6.3 million people (or a lot of them) will have heard the name The Butch Clothing Company!
So that’s my blog for this month and that’s why we blog…if you read it, if you liked it, please write a comment, hey even if you didn’t like it write a comment. And if you would like to see The BCC reach so much wider than it’s 100 clients, it’s 50,000 unique website hits, it’s 150 twitter followers and its 850 Facebook followers please link us to your webpage, come ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook, follow us on twitter, tell your friends we are here or best of all come book a face to face or video Skype consultation no matter where in the world you are and come get probably the most perfect suit you will ever own!

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  1. Shaz says:

    I would love to see some feed back from you guys! Let’s get a dialogue going!

  2. Sandra Webster-Allen says:

    What words can I use for my introduction to The BCC, here’s just a few, firstly nervous, because I have never had a suit or anything made for me before, and was very wary. That soon changed when I met Shaz, she puts you at your ease, straight away. To be honest I didn’t, want to be a women in a man’s suit, I wanted to be a women in a suit, that I felt comfortable in. That’s what BCC does, let’s you decide what’s best for you, gives you time to decide, helps, but doesn’t take over, let’s you breath, maybe that seems a silly comment, but believe me, it’s not. What I’m trying to say to all you doubting Thomases out there, is really give BCC a chance, give Shaz a chance, you will be pleasantly surprised. My day was made extra special, by giving BCC a chance and by meeting Shaz, she helped me every step of the way with my suit and shirt, but never ever once, took anything away, from my preferences, just led me in the right direction. Hence Perfect Day and a Perfect Suit!! Go Girls give them a chance. You will not be sorry. Sarah Waters if you happen to read this Blog, maybe worth a look!!!

  3. Sandra Webster-Allen says:

    P.S. My comment isn’t for celebrities to view, The BCC website, it’s for you all who are looking for your perfect suit, give them a look, I personally, don’t think you’ll be disappointed; I definitely was not !!

  4. WoS says:

    I been eyeing this company since 3…4(?) years ago, since the first family wedding… and I was still in closet/school. And I’ve had about enough now. No more stupid clown-suits! THIS is what I’m gonna wear. No more gaps, empty space, too long here, too wide there, phantom muffin tops… . Yeah, sure, it’s just clothes, not like they’re permanent, or I wear them every day, but you know what? They jab my self-esteem. I’m gonna do this right this time…

  5. Katie Comeau says:

    Approach Ellen Degeneres, or other openly gay mainstream people and companies or publications. Become partners or sponsers. Just a thought.

  6. TV says:

    we need this in the us! the conversion rate is horrendous for someone like me! i would love to purchase some of the items but the price is a bit high when converting to US Dollars. I have been searching high and low for a site to purchase “professional” attire that ‘s not to big, to tight, to feminine or to ugly.i’m a mix of petite with a little girth. I stand 5’0″ on a good day, weigh currently about 175lbs, and wear a size 7 shoe (US size). It’s hard shopping because of course men’s clothes are either to big, too long, too tight, or just not right and the same for women except it’s worse because everything freaking thing is frilly…

    long story short, consider expansion into the US, or at least make the pricing on the website comparable to US pricing so that someone like me can afford to buy! i promise you get me a customer, and i will be a customer for life. already considering the cuff links but no shirts to put it with! sigh…..

    • JT says:

      I agree–this is an amazing company and I wish I lived closer! In the Bay Area, CA there are a few similar companies cropping up–Tomboy Tailors, Saint Harridan…. There’s such a huge market for this! I remember shopping for a suit two years ago to attend a wedding and it left me in frustrated tears. Now there are more options, and now it’s my student budget holding me back…

      • Shaz says:

        Hey Jess

        Thank you for commenting on our blog page!
        It is indeed exciting times for this niche market.

        I just wanted to say, as Director of the company, that although we have always recognised bespoke tailoring isn’t cheap and isn’t for everyone, that there are many people out there who would delight from owning their own suit cut from their own pattern, handmade and beautiful.

        So two exciting things to let you know here, firstly we work with overseas clients on a daily basis via our hugely successful video Skype consultations (reviews and testimonials can be seen here on the website) and secondly within affordable reach (if you save up 🙂 ) is our new range Near the Peg- bespoke with a Twist where we offer a beautiful tailored bespoke two piece suit handmade from your own paper pattern for the excellent price of £645 that’s an approximate price of less than $1000! We realise that’s still a lot of money for those on a budget but for those with a desire for the perfect fitting suit it could be achievable! We hope you feel you can come to us in the future Jess when you are ready for the bespoke suit you always wanted 🙂

        Kind regards


  7. Ana says:

    I love butch lesbians.Beautiful.
    Cheers to you all.

  8. Elandus says:

    Remain open to endorsements from lesbian celebrities, but keep your focus on serving the everyday gay woman who needs perfect fitting suits. The fact that you exist for us is what makes you unique.


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