So Blog 3 for Gay women looking for their ‘Look’

It’s an interesting question for a gay woman, what is my own look?
You see I think that because we lesbians are all so very different, with so many different labels we give ourselves and society gives us, that sometimes even as we travel through life it’s hard to establish what actually works for us as individuals.
As human beings in this ever changing world we all change our looks, we have our hair cut, shaved, blow dried, dyed, permed. It’s all there, a gambit of choice.
Now my regular readers will know that I began The BCC because there wasn’t this depth of choice of lesbian clothing for us butches and that now the company has grown to make bespoke suits for all gay women worldwide.
But this blog isn’t about butch women it’s about Gay women and their choice of clothing for them, determined by, for example, colours that suit them!
So have you ever thought about your colour?
Now it would seem that if you follow basic simple rules you have a great place to start looking at fabric colours that MAY, and I say that with caution, because I don’t personally believe it’s a steadfast rule, suit you.
So if we think of the 4 seasons and their respective colours we get: (and please remember I am not an expert in this field these are just my blog thoughts)
Spring- Ivory, camel, lemon, light blue even peach, if it floats your boat
Summer- blue-green/ aqua, lavender, pale red you get the idea, I believe they call them cool pastels!
Autumn- browns, olive greens, autumnal orange, rustic red, terracotta, beige, moss green etc
Winter-Big bold colours, like green, red, blues, yellows, oranges (summer being the pastel versions of these) you get the idea!
I am sure you can think of many different colours that fit into each category!
So what does all that mean I hear you cry, well they say for example that if you have an olive skin with deep blue or green eyes and light brown hair look at spring and autumn colours.
Another example is dark skin with deep brown eyes; it’s good to look at a winter palette.
For those fairer women with blue eyes and lighter hair summer range seems to be the way to go.
As I said I’m no expert, I did consider training in this area when I set the company up but for me I believe we are instinctively drawn to the colours and indeed fabrics we like. Don’t get me wrong if I thought a gay woman who came to us picked a colour that really wouldn’t suit her I would say. But I do believe colour choice is an individual as your choice of detailing on a suit.
Bespoke is all about making it yours. So when you come and design and purchase your suit with us, have a little think about the colours you like, because one thing is for sure we will have a fabric in stock that will work fantastically for you. Go on book a consultation you know you want to 

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  1. Elandus says:

    LIke your blog. It’s important for women to know what colors work best for them, as part of developing their style. I’m winter and in the process of developing my look/style after doing the internal work required to know who I am and be comfortable with that person.

    Much respect,

  2. Alix Nolin says:

    wow , just found your site in my Lesbian Connection Zine! WOW!
    I am a portly short woman, 5’3″, 180 lbs. 40 DD , breast ‘ so super difficult to find a suit or sport jacket to fit. Look forward to us having an equivalent
    Service here in SOCAL . ALIX NOLIN, SAN DIEGO , CA.
    Much luck! Live long & prosper my sista’s

    • Shaz says:

      Thank you Alix!

      You are why we are here!

      And we happily work with overseas clients via our video Skype consultations. These have proved incredibly successful, you may like to look at the testimonials here on the website

      Thanks again for taking time out to comment on our blog page

  3. Jane W says:

    Hi just found you via DIVA
    Do you make casual shirts as well as formal ones – I love the old Ben Sherman’s – new styles too slim cut.
    Also is it possible to have jackets without trousers made?

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