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3 Common Wedding Planning Myths That Brides-to-Be Must Avoid

If you're organising your nuptials, you most likely are on the receiving end of wedding tips from well-meaning friends and family. Many of these advice are useful and can definitely help you plan the perfect event, but some of them might not be applicable to you and your sweetheart and can even destroy your big day.

But how exactly can you determine which tips to follow and which ones to ignore? Well, the key here is to learn about the most common wedding myths and stay away from them as much as possible (no matter what anyone says). These include:

Myth # 1: You can hire an amateur photographer or ask a friend or family member to take pictures of your big day.

This myth should be on the top of your Things to Avoid list. Sure, you might be tempted by the cheap rates that amateurs offer (or even the zero costs of roping a loved one to be your official picture-taker of the day!), but remember that you always get what you pay for. So, if you want to have perfect pictures of your big day, it's always advisable to hire a professional wedding photographer in Sydney (or wherever you're getting married). This way, you'll have an experienced and fully trained person who'll document your special event and capture the smiles, tears and laughter you'll share with your family and friends. You'll also have clear, gorgeous and artistic pictures that you can proudly display at home or upload on social media.

But remember that not all professionals are created equal. So, when look for a wedding photographer in Sydney, make sure to find some who belongs to an industry body like the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. Of course, search for an expert who offers the best possible services at competitive and budget-friendly rates.

Myth # 2: You need to wear white on your big day.

It's your day, so you can definitely wear whatever floats your boat. You can ditch the pure white dress in favour of off-white, beige, ivory and champagne gowns. You can even opt for pastel, metallic or jewel-toned dresses or even those with floral, paisley or animal prints.

You don't even have to wear a dress if you don't want to! If you identify as a butch woman, for example, no one should stop you from wearing a male-style suit instead of donning a traditional bridal gown. Don't worry since finding the right suit to wear isn't difficult, especially when you get our help here at The Butch Clothing Company. Just book a Skype consultation with us so we can get your measurements, decide on the style and fabric you want and ensure you'll have the best possible outfit for your big day.

Myth # 3: You must invite everyone you know.

Your wedding is a time for you to share special moments with your close friends and family members, not to please people you barely know or no longer keep in touch with. So, unless you have a huge budget and personally want to have a large and boisterous wedding, you shouldn't be pressured into inviting all your relatives, acquaintances and neighbours. Instead, sit down with your partner and take the time to decide whom you'll include in your guests list. If your mum and future MIL want to invite their best friends, allow them to do so but inform them that they should limit the number of people they'll bring to your big day.

Stay away from these common myths to make your dream wedding come true!

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