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3 Ways to Turn Your Simple Wardrobe into a Mini-Fashion Collection

It's really a mood-boosting feeling to look at yourself in the mirror looking polished and glamorous, right? And if you like to be that kind of person who walks the street as if it’s your runway, you'd better equip your wardrobe with the right apparel and accessories. How? Simple. You only have to bear these three points in mind:

Create an Assortment of Styles and Colours

Furnish your wardrobe with a sufficient amount of apparel and accessories you can use. Quick tip: You can also shop and arrange your wardrobe according to the different seasons of the year. For the summer for instance, dresses, tank tops and pants as well as that dressing gown suitable for changing into that sexy bikini, with light colours and thin material will do best. Maxi dress with asymmetric prints and t-shirts with earth colours are among the best picks for the fall. Trench coats, sweaters, boots and knitted scarves are best for the winter, and light coloured, think jackets and shorts are best for the spring.

Tell a story.

Make your wardrobe speak about you by picking styles and colours that can reflect your mood. Store some blues when you're feeling relaxed, glaring reds - e.g. stilettos, dress and scarves - when you're extraordinary upbeat, and pink when you're feeling exceptionally rejuvenated and pretty. You can also go Retro or Vintage if you feel like reliving the styles of Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana.

A Get-up for All Types of Occasions

Lastly, make sure that your wardrobe has all you need for different occasions. For instance, be sure to have a set of sexy swimwear and a fancy dressing gown you can use for your beach outings this summer. You need to have a cocktail dress, a formal wear for corporate settings, and a casual outfit for weekend parties as well.

Knowing how to furnish your wardrobe with the right clothes helps you develop your versatility in terms of dressing up. And doing this doesn't have to be expensive. All you need to do is keep the pointers above in mind to shop for the right clothing.

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