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No-Regrets Purchases: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying Clothes

Whether you are pretty much aware of your fashion identity or you have virtually no idea what your style is, it definitely helps to be a smart shopper. Not only will you save more bucks but you won't have to deal with a mountain load of merchandise sitting next to your wardrobe.

Perhaps you may also purchase outfits out of necessity such as that strapless A-line dress for a corporate event a few months back or that cosy maternity dress you wore during your first pregnancy. It doesn't matter if you'll only wear something for a period of time. When it comes to shopping for clothes, keep these things in mind:

  • Is it made for me? As you stroll the shopping centres, you'll likely encounter something that captures your attention. But no matter how attractive the colour is, how trendy it seems, or how lovely you think it would suit you, try to assess the merchandise. And the first thing to do is to try it on. While you're looking at the mirror, walk around, turn, raise your arms — by all means, get the experience the clothing offers. It would be a waste to just buy that lovely outfit if it doesn't fit. Make sure that maternity dress, pair of jeans, blouse or any piece you're eyeing on is well fitted for you.
  • Is it really worth the dime? We can't justify which aspects are important for you when it comes to choosing apparel. But for general purposes, we'll lay out the things that would make a clothing purchase reasonable: 1) the material, 2) your style, 3) wearability, 4) quality, 5) future saleability. Do you see yourself wearing this item out to dinner or for errands? Will it be something you're going to use next winter? Will it be a candidate for garage sale in the next few months? Think about it.
  • Do I have something similar? Perhaps you have done some fair share of shopping sprees in the past. And now you see this really alluring suit and tie displayed and being worn by a mannequin. Before you grab your wallet, think closely: do you have a similar item in your closet? Totally a waste of money if you do have one — unless you deem the other out of style, unattractive, or whatever.

Avoid the impulse. Start shopping smartly by asking yourself a few questions first. Good luck!

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