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Choosing a Party Outfit: The Essentials

You scored an invitation to the biggest party of the season. Naturally, you want to look your best. However, searching for the right party outfit can be stressful.

Fortunately, there are ways to make it easier. Knowing what works for you is the key. In this article, you'll find useful tips for putting together a look that will turn heads.

Practical matters first

Before you get carried away with fabric and colours, review the details on the invite. Is it a formal event or a casual gathering? Your hosts will most probably indicate the preferred dress code so use that as reference. Black tie events call for a tuxedo or a bespoke suit.

If no information is given pertaining to attire, make sure to ask. Unless you can endure feeling out of place at the party, get info on suitable clothing options.

The law of colours

Pick a colour that suits your skin tone. If you're dark, opt for light shades Green or pink hues will suit you well. On the other hand, those with a fair complexion should avoid donning on a white or yellow attire. If you're a brunette, go for the little red dress. Otherwise, choose bright colours that will appear striking on your skin. You could also go for elegant neutrals if the occasion calls for it.

Fabric talk

You chance upon a cheap dress in a cut and colour that you like. However, it's worth remembering that quality fabric is always noticeable. Spend a bit more for good materials. Your outfit will fit you better and look great to the discerning eye.

Select a fabric that minimises problem areas. Knit and jersey can cling to the body and make you look bulky.

Don't follow trends

Trends can come and go. If you want a party outfit that won't look dated, get a dress in classic cut. Make sure it complements your features.

A Word on Fantasy Wear

Themed parties are fun events. In most cases, you're expected to come in a special attire (e.g. a cowboy or a zombie). However, it's worth knowing that even these affairs have some unspoken rules on clothing. For starters, you should never come semi-naked (unless the invite indicates otherwise). Your outfit should not be a burden on yourself, so ditch the extra long trains or five pound angel wings. It should also not cause inconvenience on others.

Finally, pick an outfit that suits the theme. Are you attending a birthday party inspired by a decade of Michael Jackson and leg warmers? If so, go ahead and get one of those 80s fancy dress costumes. You can easily buy them from an online costume shop.

Fancy dress costumes differ in quality so make sure to compare products before making a purchase.

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