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Elements to Consider When Buying Matching Accessories for Your Clothes

There are many things that can make or break your look, and amongst them are fashion accessories. When choosing these items to match your outfit—suits, blouses and even bridesmaid dresses—consider their style, scale and colour, and keep the occasion or theme in mind.


Fashion accessories can define your style. If you wear either a simple black dress or the white shirt and jeans combination, you can flaunt different looks depending on the shoes, jewellery and handbag you wear. And with different types of accessories, you can also change your style; you can be classy, glamorous, playful, edgy, workaholic and casual.


When you like wearing clothes that have a lot of patterns, then simple accessories are your best option, instead of those with too busy designs that can make print look tacky. The same goes if you like embroidered, sequined, ruffled and any embellished garments.

For handbags, you should determine and consider your body type, aside from what you’re wearing. If you’re slender and tall, you’ll look good with slouchy and short bags, such as clutches and hobos. If you’re petite, then avoid oversized satchels, which might overwhelm your small frame. Whatever body type you have, make sure your accessories match it.


When you wear neutral colours, such as black and white, you can use accessories in any colour and still look coordinated and stylish. On the other hand, if you wear a colourful outfit, make sure your fashion accessories don't clash with it.

If you want to make a fashion statement, choose primary and secondary colours that are opposite on the colour wheel. Pairing them is seen as adventurous and bold, but each won’t look good with other shades. However, you can still experiment to find which colours work for you, but avoid using more than three colours in your whole ensemble.

Remember that fashion accessories can transform any outfit, whether they be suits or bridesmaid dresses, from drab to fab. They can also help you achieve multiple looks just by changing them. So to look your best, choose them properly as you do with the main components in your wardrobe.

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