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Fashionable Wedding Dresses from Some of the Best Designers

While fashion doesn’t always involve designer clothing, there is a close relationship between the two. These days, you always hear famous names like Betsey Johnson, Giorgio Armani, and Karl Lagerfeld whenever people talk about the fashion industry.

It comes as no surprise because the clothes from these icons are synonymous to style and fame. Even many women, who are about to get married, want to wear a designer wedding dress. Even if it typically comes with a high price and they only have to wear it once, these facts aren’t too discouraging.

Well, we can’t blame them, since a beautifully designed gown is one of the elements that make them look heavenly and simply stunning.

If your partner has found the ‘perfect’ wedding suit and you’re still looking for a dress, you might just find it from the collection of these top designers.

1. Sarah Burton

She has won the British Fashion Awards Designer of the Year in 2011. What’s more, she designed the wedding and bridesmaid dress of Kate and Pippa Middleton (respectively).

If you’d like to look as elegant as the Duchess of Cambridge on your special day, know that Sarah Burton’s creations aren’t produced commercially.

2. Vera Wang

She has created gowns for many celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Sharon Stone, and Jennifer Lopez.

Her designs usually feature a bit of edge and rock n’ roll, as seen from her black gowns. Yet, this offbeat style also has a hint of elegance and charm.

3. Jenny Packham

She’s known for both her gowns and ready-to-wear clothing, but established a name for herself through the former. Some of her celebrity clients include Eva Longoria, Angelina Jolie, and Kate Winslet.

Her collection usually comprises vintage retro designs, which are perfect if you’re planning a bohemian-style wedding.

If you need help with the planning of your big day, refer to these resources:

4. Caroline Castigliano

She is known for her contemporary and chic designs, drawing celebrity clients like Kate Beckinsale and Dame Helen Mirren.

Caroline Castigliano presents a bespoke brand that boasts of a classic look. If you like a unique wedding dress, she’s your go-to designer.

You have probably noticed that our list only featured women. This doesn’t mean there aren’t male wedding dress designers. In fact, some of the most famous are Ian Stuart, Terry Fox and Bruce Oldfield, who’s previous clients included Princess Diana.

Let one of these creative people come up with the ‘perfect’ gown. And when it comes to your partner’s suit or formal attire, book an appointment with a clothing company.

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