How it Works- Your Guide to Finding the Finest Attire

We are here to produce what you need. It’s that simple. From our consultation rooms in our great location of Paddock Wood, Kent, we offer the personal touch.We offer consultation appointments when our clients are ready to order and purchase their suit. At consultation we firstly sit down with yourself, your partner or friend, and over coffee we show you our fabrics and lining sample range. We always ask that for consultation you wear a pre existing suit or trousers, shirt and jacket, which may not be a totally perfect fit but will aid in the measuring process.

We then begin the measuring process which is where we take a series of 20 integral measurements of you, don’t worry its painless! We charge a £75 guarantee fit fee for this process which means that all alterations and remakes, which is all part of the beauty of bespoke, are then Free of Charge to our clients.

Once your measurement profile is complete we return to look at the swatches in our sample range and then begin, together, to design your suit. Using our sample suits on our bespoke clothing rail we look at all the elements of the suit; lapels, collars, number of buttons, cuffs etc. This way, for example, you can decide the width of the collar you like, the lining colour of your suit and so on. This is the truly fun bit and clients really enjoy designing their own suit. We also offer a full range of accessories including ties, tie cravats, cuff links, money clips, tie clips and shirt studs, so why not take a look at our Accessories Page

When we finish the design process we then ask for payment in full for your garments because, as bespoke tailors, we cut from paper patterns and once the paper and then fabric is cut, it is of no use to anyone but you. We place the order with our Master Tailors the same day. We do accept credit or debit cards. Please see our terms & conditions.

Upon booking a consultation we do require a £75 deposit this is non refundable if you cancel the consultation.

The starting price of a two piece suit is £950. The starting price for a 3 piece is £1100. These are approximate prices as each suit, is of course, subject to bespoke detailing and fabric choice. Our shirts are equally competitively priced at approximately £150. For an extra £20 you could have the additional detail of a beautiful hand stitched monogram of your initials or even your wedding date on the left cuff.

Although choosing to purchase a bespoke suit is an investment it is one that will last you, with care, for the next 15 years at least. With this in mind we always encourage our clients to think how they can make the suit work for them, especially after their wedding day. The last thing we want is for you to pop the suit in the wardrobe and for it to never to be seen again.

We say wear it, use it, enjoy it and when we design the suit let’s think of elements and colours you will enjoy and will work with your life style.

Think of wearing the waistcoat for example with shorts in the summer, the jacket with jeans, mix it up and love it! After all it is rare for us women to own a suit based on classic male styles that fits us to perfection!

So please do let us know if you would like to book a consultation with us.
We do advise you allow at least 3-6 months to order your suit, taking production time scales for handmade suits into consideration.
Our suits are made within 7-9 weeks but as we said there are alterations and potential remakes to allow for, as is the nature of bespoke tailoring.
But one things for sure by the end of this amazing process you will have the finest suit you could have wished for!
For further information or to arrange a chat about how we can help you email: