Testimonials- We hope you enjoy a selection of our client testimonials

Immy Hillyard
Couldn’t recommend highly enough. Wasn’t sure what to wear for my wedding but Shaz put me at ease from the start and made me a beautiful suit. I felt amazing all day and my suit looked a different class. I would not hesitate to use Shaz again. Absolutely top drawer!

Immy Hillyard

“I wore my new suit in its entirety for the first time last night to the party to celebrate my girl’s 40th Birthday. It felt really good on. Thanks again, Shaz, for the great service!
Hilary McCollum December 2012

Hilary McCollum

My biggest fear for my wedding day was my suit, I had nightmares about it! I was
concerned that I would look rubbish compared to the blokes in their beautiful, well
tailored suits. Since having my suit made by Shaz my worries have completely
Shaz made the whole process simple and enjoyable, and she produced a suit that
was exactly what I had pictured. I could not recommended Shaz more and I will be
purchasing more in the future!!

Serelle Petch

I have to say a massive thank you to Shaz for creating the most perfect and amazing
suit for my wedding! I can safely say it made me feel on top of the world and I could
not have been happier. Everything from start to finish went smoothly and Shaz is
super supportive. I cannot thank her and the team enough and would recommend to
anyone looking for a suit that fits them like a glove. Thank you Shaz x’

Charlotte Gray

My experience of the butch clothing company has been great, my wedding suit is
high quality and fits like a glove, everyone commented on how great it looked, when
being measured Shaz is very professional and gives great advice, well worth it and I
can mix it up and wear it with jeans etc.

Anne Homer

At first I was a little apprehensive about getting a tailor made suit. Having never had one before, I didn’t
know what to expect but Shaz made the whole process relaxed and enjoyable.
I will defiantly be using The Butch Clothing Company again and recommend it to all butches out there! This
scruffy butch has finally got and outfit that not only looks good but fits like a glove.
Thank you Shaz my suit is awesome.

Zara Warnes

Trace Staples
Dear Shaz,

After months and months, weeks and weeks of aimlessly searching for a tailor in Kent and getting no results I decided to randomly type in my search bar ‘Female Tailor’s in Kent’ and was remarkably surprised to see ‘The Butch Clothing Company’. With only 3 WEEKS TO GO to my Nephews/Godson’s wedding I wanted to feel and look wonderful as well as smartly dressed.  I contacted Shaz and we had a conversation and discussed how quickly I needed a suit measured and made and we secured a consultation.

I met with Shaz and was impressed by her knowledge and understanding of my needs and the requirements.  She put me at ease and offers such a unique service that although I only wanted a 2 piece suit, I ended up purchasing a 3 piece suit and a shirt.

With only a week to go I had my first fitting and the suit was perfect.  I felt a million dollars in it and was elated with the quality and efficiency of The Butch Clothing Companies commitment and dedication to me as an individual.  I now have the perfectly fitted bespoke suit and received an outstanding amount of compliments.

I would just like to thank Shaz and her team for such an excellent service, and such a quick turnaround.

Kind regards


Trace Staples

Serelle Petch

My biggest fear for my wedding day was my suit, I had nightmares about it! I was concerned that I would look rubbish compared to the blokes in their beautiful, well tailored suits. Since having my suit made by Shaz my worries have completely disappeared. Shaz made the whole process simple and enjoyable, and she produced a suit that was exactly what I had pictured. I could not recommended Shaz more and I will be purchasing more in the future!!

Serelle Petch

Kat Searle
A big thank you to Shaz and everyone at the Butch Clothing Company. I had an image in my head of what I wanted my wedding suit to look like and you made it real. The consultation with Shaz was simple and painless and the end result was perfect. I loved it and so did my bride. It was definitely worth the wait for it to be made. I would love to return soon for another wonderful suit.

Kat Searle

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Shaz as well as commending you on your services. After
having a few disastrous experiences with tailors in the past, I found the Butch Clothing Company to
be truly bespoke with an excellent personal touch. Your attention to detail and advice left me feeling
extremely comfortable that I had chosen the right tailor, which was evidenced in the final product.
The suit fitted me perfectly and the quality of the fabrics, linings and shirts are second to none. I
will have no hesitation in recommending your services to my fellow colleagues and look forward to
placing my next order with you soon. Well done and please keep up the good service!

Liz Tookey

“I contacted BCC in a state of panic and was immediately put at ease with the professional can
do attitude that Shaz exudes. Despite extremely challenging timeframes Shaz and her team
made it happen. I am now the proud owner of the sharpest suit in town and am delighted by
the consultative and customer centric approach to meeting my exacting requirements. BCC are
a business with an eye on the detail which, when you are buying a bespoke suit is exactly what
you’re looking for. I highly recommend BCC who have very fast become my go to outfitters.” SWS –
Business Development Director


Tracy Canning
‘I wanted something special for my wedding but in essence was still me .Shaz listened to me and I was delighted with the outcome . The suit, (waistcoat and trousers only ) was smart, very comfortable and I felt so relaxed on the day

I will definitely return and am already thinking about my next shirt .



Tracy Canning

Lianne Ascott full shot
‘Hi Shaz,

I’ve always wanted to have a suit measured to fit my body, but was never comfortable in going to a suit maker as they are generally male tailors and I would have felt embarrassed, so when my best buddy found your website, I jumped at the chance to review and make contact, especially having the excuse of my marriage in August 2014. I could see the suit I wanted to have……

I liked the setup of your online, it was very user friendly and descriptive, explaining the steps to take, as well as showing examples and gals in suits you have made, so I took that next step….

You were very informative and put me at ease when we spoke on the phone and it was then that I decided to get a suit made by BCC.

Having met for the consultation and working through the requirements that I wanted, I couldn’t wait to pick my 3 piece up.
As many have said before me on their testimonials, I echo the same, the fit of the suit is lovely and I feel really comfortable in it. I look forward to wearing it in August and then being able to mix and match my suit up to wear for all different occasions to come.

I will be back and requesting new suits for work and whilst I know this is your business, feel that Maria and I have made a new acquaintance and look forward to catching up when I send you the photos of our big day.
Kinds Regards

Lianne Ascott

Jane Scott Wdding Day

‘Hi Shaz,

We had a wonderful day and I just had to write this in recognition of your part in it.

As a gay woman about to get married who hasn’t worn a dress since well forever I spent sometime researching companies to make the suit for my wedding. Having previously purchased mens suits and had them adjusted I knew that wasn’t the route I wanted to follow for my special day. When I found The Butch Clothing Company’s website I was immediately struck by it’s authenticity. The gallery showed real lesbians in real suits, not perfect 5ft 10in, size 6 models and that struck a cord with me. I contacted Shaz by email initially and then had a long phone conversation with her where she explained the process exactly. A measurement and selection consultation followed. I lost a little weight between consultation and fitting and Shaz made sure that the suit was adjusted close enough to my wedding day to ensure the fit. Shaz is very informative and friendly. She makes you feel comfortable from the start. We had a beautiful wedding and I received many comments on my suit including “dapper” and “handsome” and of course my bride said I looked gorgeous! I would say that The Butch Clothing Company “does exactly what it says on the tin”! Our wedding day was fabulous, my bride was beautiful and we were surrounded by the love of our friends and family and I felt relaxed, comfortable and right in the suit that Shaz and The Butch Clothing Company had made for me. Congratulations to all you who are looking at this because you are engaged to be married to the woman you love and if it’s a man-styled suit for a woman’s body you are looking for then this is the company for you.

I wish you all the best in your business may it prosper and continue to offer a unique and special service to Lesbians everywhere!

All the best


Jane Scott

Ivelisse Colon Image

I want to thank you for my beautiful suit. I was nervous about doing the measurement via Skype since I’m in the U.S. but you were so patient and helpful I felt immediately at ease. My suit fits great and I can’t wait to show it off at my wedding! It’s killing me that I have to wait until September! I will definitely be back 🙂

Ivelisse Colon

‘From the moment of getting in touch with Shaz, I felt at ease. Her knowledge understanding and patience helped turn this scruffy individual (me) from jeans and t-shirt into wearing a 3 piece suit that makes me look amazing. I cannot wait to see my bride-to-b’s face on the day. It has been made to measure in a quality that will last years.
I can assure you I was not the easiest client she has had walk through her door, she was professional and nothing was too much trouble.’
Thanks Shaz.
Nick Brown
Nick Brown SuitNick Brown Waistcoat

Nick Brown

I have always struggled with finding a suit that I like, fit rights, looks good and makes me feel good.
All that changed when I was looking online and found this company. Shaz really understands what you want and need and i needed a suit for my up and coming civil partnership. I found that when i went for the consultation I was very nervous as I have never been through this process before, but whilst remaining totally professional Shaz makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, which makes the whole process very easy.
When I got the call to say my suit was ready after only 4 weeks I was very excited and when I arrived for my fitting again Shaz was professional, but able to put me at ease. I totally love my suit, everything that I asked for I got, nothing was to much trouble.
I would all ways recommend this company to anyone who needs a suit.
Overall I got a totally professional and friendly service which I am sure I will be using for many years to come.
Can’t wait for my civil partnership in April now.
Thank you so much Shaz, you rock.
Client Lisa Hughes

Lisa Hughes

“I was really nervous about getting my wedding suit as I wanted it to be a man’s cut, but fitted to my body. I didn’t know if this was possible without making me look squat and boxy, but the moment I met Shaz I felt reassured that it would work out OK. She is so welcoming and easy to talk to and understood exactly what I was looking for. She talked me through all the options, fabrics and cuts; it really is a genuinely lovely bespoke service. My partner and I had a really good time choosing the suit, but I was still a bit nervous when the call came a few weeks later to say that the suit was ready for me to try on – what if I didn’t like it? The second I put the jacket on, however, I knew that this was the best clothing investment of my life. I absolutely love everything about the suit and so does my partner. It fits me perfectly, but without accentuating my curves. I am so grateful to Shaz and the Butch Clothing Company for my beautiful tailored three-piece suit and can’t wait to get married in it! I think my next BCC purchase is going to be some chinos…” – Becca Hamway

Becca Hamway


Just want to write to tell you I really appreciate you creating The Butch Clothing Company, doing what you do. I found out about the BCC so many years ago I can’t even remember from where. Years later, by luck, I was accepted into a graduate program in England, and making an appointment was one of the first things I did after putting the luggage down. I was really nervous because I didn’t know anything about formal clothes and all, but I knew I really wanted a suit that felt right. I want to thank you for your patience in helping me figure out a design for this suit, when my trains got horribly delayed, when I didn’t know what to say or decide about things.

I’m going to proudly wear this to all the important occasions, and also just to show off to my friends back in the States, when I get back!

Yen Shu Liao” January 2013
Yen Shu Liao

Yen Shu Liao

“I wore my new suit in its entirety for the first time last night to the party to celebrate my girl’s 40th birthday. It felt really good on. Thanks again, Shaz, for the great service!
Hilary McCollum December 2012

Hilary M

Hilary McCollum

I decided to give my wife a tailored suit for Christmas. Though we have a tailor in Los Angeles, I couldn’t resist the opportunity of working with the Butch Clothing Company. The suits on the website looked beautiful, and thought Pam would look smashing in one.

Our skype session with BCC was probably one of the most entertaining tailor sessions ever. We were able to look at and choose colors. Shaz knows her stuff regarding fabrics and weights, and we picked out what promised to be a great looking 3 piece suit. Despite the awkwardness of Shaz’s erstwhile assistant (that would have been me) trying to measure Pam, we did get pretty accurate measurements. Several weeks later, voila, a wonderfully fitted suit for Pam. It fit so well, we didn’t even need any additional tailoring.

We look forward to getting many other garments from Butch Clothing Company in the future.

Pam and Helen- Los Angeles CA- Video Skype Clients

Pam & Helen

Shaz, what can I say? have just reached home and what is the first thing I do? (apart from put the football on!) I have put the suit back on. It is cut and made perfectly and I have finally found a suit that makes me feel confident as it embodies who I am. Thank you and I definitely recommend women to come see you.
Monique- London

Monique Reid

Absolutely love my new suit from the BCC! I had never worn one before but Shaz was brilliant and talked me through all the options very patiently! Would never look anywhere else next time I need a suit. Fantastic company and a lovely woman behind it, thank you so much.
Toni Ridley Hall- South Coast UK

Toni Ridley Hall

Shaz, I wanted to thank you for everything you did. My suit fits me perfect and Im so glad that I could buy myself a suit
and not have to go to the store and hope it fits me without looking like a box. You were friendly and professional and made sure that
I got what I wanted for my big day. Karen was very happy she loved my suit.
Lori – An American living with her wife Karen in Essex

Lori Carrier

Sue and Jackie replacement web pic

We visited Shaz Riley at the Butch Clothing Company in 2012 to be fitted for our wedding suits, we found her service to be first class. We liked the fact we could go to her and have a one to one meeting going through all the suit options, choices, colours and styles etc. We found Shaz to be very friendly and took her time to go over everything and went the extra mile to make us feel comfortable. We recently went back to collect our suits and they are wonderful, we are very happy and very much looking forward to our wedding day to wear them! Thanks so much Shaz for a first class service we would highly recommend you keep up the good work. Sue and Jackie – London (Photos to follow after September Wedding)

Sue Bailey & Jackie Mendoza

My suit for my wedding arrived this past Friday and it is AWESOME! Thank you BCC for creating the BEST suit I have ever owned in my life! Everything went so smoothly, from our Skype consult to the delivery 9 weeks later to the US! Thank you BCC!
Kathleen Garrison- USA Skype Client

KP Garrison

Both of us originally had full video Skype consultations which was easy & fun and a great experience and then, although Shaz is happy to send the garments to the US and Skype a fitting, we decided to hop across, and collect our garments.

Traveling to England to meet Shaz and pick up our bespoke suits was an absolute pleasure and worth every penny! The clothes are beautiful and so exceptionally made- and Shaz is fabulous to work with! We ordered more clothes when we collected our first order and are now planning on ordering more and making another trip across the pond!

Shannon and Erika, Arizona USA

Just wanted to say a massive Thank You for my amazing suit and shirt. I had looked all over for a suit, but to no avail, then I contacted Shaz and my dream suit, started to become a reality. Shaz travelled to my hometown to take measurements and talked me through all the options, within 8 weeks she was back, with the finished bespoke suit and it is just brilliant, as is the shirt. I can’t thank you enough Shaz, you are such a professional, patient and really friendly person and I will be calling on your services again that’s for certain.
Three cheers for The BCC
Sandra Allen- Hull, Yorkshire

Sandra Allen

Three cheers for the BCC! Not only did I get an awesome suit but an excellent, professional service. In Arnold’s famous words ‘I’ll be back’…very soon for another. Thanks Shaz for working with me to get a perfect fit!
Carol Lennon- Dorset UK

Carol Lennon

The suit my wife wore on our wedding day was amazing and she looked stunning……..well done shaz………highly recommended………thank you xxx
Sophie Hamilton – Wife of our Client Vicky Hamilton

Sophie Hamilton

Having never bought a suit before, I approached Shaz at the Butch Clothing Company for an initial consultation. I went into that consultation not knowing the first thing about suits or what I wanted, however I left feeling confident about my decision.
From my first conversation and throughout the whole process, Shaz was absolutely brilliant and each meeting was relaxed and unhurried.
The suit is perfectly fitted, the material is excellent and it is comfortable to wear. As soon as I got it home I wore it all evening!
Thank you Shaz!

Toni Ridley-Hall

When Debbie and I set the date for our civil partnership, we knew we wanted to have suits made for the big day but didn’t have a clue at that point where we’d get them from. Then we read a feature in Diva magazine about the Butch Clothing Company and it seemed serendipity. Shaz was incredibly helpful and friendly from the moment we contacted her and made what had seemed an intimidating process at other tailors a much more relaxed and welcoming experience. We were impressed with the choice of fabrics, finishing touches and designs the Butch Clothing Company offered, while Shaz was incredibly professional in discussing our choices. The fitting was a fun afternoon for both us as we found ourselves – probably for the first time ever! – getting excited about clothes. Both of us fell in love with our suits the minute we saw them and what a super service from Shaz, who personally delivered them to our home (we did make her dinner!) and made sure we were both completely happy with the finished product. On our big day in Brighton in April 2011, everyone loved our bespoke suits and we both felt like a million dollars, thanks to Shaz and the Butch Clothing Company.

Fran Traynor & Debbie Browett, West Sussex

I went in to see Shaz and was totally apprehensive as I thought what I wanted was totally impossible and I worried that I would never get the “right” suit for my special day. I wore a lot of suits for work for years and although they were fine in places they never fully fit …. So for my big day I decided to do it “properly” and get measured.
All I can say is…. wow it was more than worth it. The whole experience was great, from the moment I walked in. Shaz took the time to know exactly what I wanted and made what I wanted possible. She measured every inch to make it fit perfectly and let me choose every single detail of the suit and all the fabrics etc.

I couldn’t recommend the BCC more I will only ever buy my suits there now , a top company run by a top individual who has taken ladies suit making to a whole new dimension and boy am I glad she did!!!

Thanks Shaz for making the perfect suit for the best day of my life !

Vicky Hamilton

Excellent Wedding Suit Shaz; thanks very much, will be returning for my tweed jacket in the next few weeks

Second Order

Really happy with the tweed jacket Shaz; yet again fantastic service. A turnaround of 3 weeks amazing… can’t wait to show it off at the Broken Rainbow fundraiser next weekend xx

Jo Barringer

Hi Shaz-Thanks for posting our picture on your Facebook page. We just wanted to Thank You so much for our beautiful outfits. You offer such a professional service. It was really nice to have you help us with ideas on colour and what would look good. You really care not only about getting everything right but about your clients. The Butch Clothing Company took the stress out of organising our outfits and I’m sure that many other people will benefit from your service. I can’t wait to order more clothes from you!!!! Thank you again

Claire Roker

I contacted the Butch Clothing Company when I wanted to a suit for my Civil Ceremony. Shaz was able to give advice about the different types of suits, materials and the best choices for me. I’ve never purchased a bespoke suit before, so I was unsure as to what exactly to expect. I found Shaz at BCC to be professional, friendly and well informed about her products, and suits. There was a wide range of choices, and I was able to find the perfect suit and shirt for our wedding. In addition, the accessories that BCC supply created a great finishing touch to a well made suit that I know will last for years. It was money well spent.

This was my first suit from BCC, but I know it won’t be my last. My only problem is that I’m spoilt for choice, and can’t decide what to buy next! But I suspect it will be one of the beautifully made sport jackets.

I can’t recommend the clothes from BCC enough, I’ve never owned a suit that fit so well, and looked so good. There’s no other company for women like it. BCC have a unique understanding of what it is that butch women are looking for in their clothes. Having purchased a suit from Shaz, I would not waste my time, or money going elsewhere, as I know I would not find something that looks even half as good!

Jackie Malcolm-Howes

A million thanks, Shaz, we had the best day of our lives AND we were dressed to kill, thanks to you! And we can’t wait to get our gladrags back for our second big party in Glasgow in June!

The Butch Clothing Company rocks!

Frances Traynor

Pre Wedding
Shaz – Thank you so much for the beautiful suit! Working with you was nothing short of awesome. Your professionalism and service combined with the quality of your work is unmatched and I can’t wait to order from you again.

Post Wedding
Love my suit from BCC – Shaz and her team are FANTASTIC. Thanks for the beautiful suit and can’t wait to order more from you…!

Jess was a video Skype client from Florida

Jess Resch

I’m in love with my new suit! It will be the touch that makes the day just perfect – can’t wait to swish down the aisle in it!

Debbie Browett

Received my suit mid-September and it’s been my go-to formal wear ever since; I’ve never had something fit me so well. I was nervous about getting fitted for a suit but Shaz was friendly and professional throughout; I’ll definitely be back. Thank you so much!

Rei Haberberg

I bought a shirt and waistcoat for my graduation a couple of weeks ago and they were great. Both fit me really well, and even my mother commented on how nice I looked! It’s great to have a shirt that actually works with a tie and suits my body, so I can have the look I want. Will be buying more shirts when I have the money 🙂

Katie Rutlidge

I received my “garments”, as Shaz calls them, yesterday, and they are fantastic. The suit fits perfectly, as do the shirts. The fabrics are beautiful, I love how it is all constructed, and it’s wonderful to have clothes that really fit ME

Deirdre is a Client from the USA who had a consultation in London and then had her garments posted for fitting

Deirdre Kane

After years of lurking around the M&S men’s department struggling to buy clothes that my partner is comfortable in, but which never really fit her properly, it was very exciting and refreshing to stumble across an advertisement for The Butch Clothing Company. We were able to make a quick and convenient appointment with Shaz in the BCC’s Brighton based consultation rooms. The consultation was wonderful; Shaz made both of us feel extremely comfortable from the outset and really knew her stuff. Along with a vast knowledge of the intricacies of made-to-measure suit design, Shaz has an implicit understanding of the needs of the butch woman, which made the whole process really relaxing. Imagine the joy of not having to explain ourselves after so many years of changing room misunderstandings and awkward sales assistants. As well as being an expert in her field, Shaz is also a really lovely person and spent plenty of time talking us through the process; at no point did we feel rushed or pressured, and she also thoughtfully took my feedback into account and at no point made me feel like ‘the interfering wife’, in fact the whole design process felt very collaborative with Shaz using expertise to gently guide us. The suit itself is absolutely stunning. It fits like a glove and has received innumerable compliments. It is truly stylish and timeless and also can be worn in many different ways, making it versatile and appropriate for all occasions. The quality of the pieces is evident and I anticipate them being worn again and again over many years to come. I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend the BCC and would like to sincerely thank Shaz for providing not only a gorgeous suit but also a memorable experience and an invaluable service to butch women everywhere. Lots of love, Jayney and Vic xxx

Jane and Vic Workman-Burns