Here at The BCC we help create the perfect suit for you. In order to begin this process we invite you to our consultation rooms, or arrange for a video Skype consultation.
We do charge a £75 ‘Guarantee Fit Fee’ ensuring that at first fitting, to be held within one month of completion of your suit, any remakes, as is the nature of bespoke tailoring, are completed Free of Charge to our clients. Upon booking the consultation, which is strictly by appointment only, we do ask that you pay a £75 non refundable deposit which is taken as the Guarantee Fit Fee.
For Skype clients a minimum £150 postage fee (per 3 piece) is required to insure secure delivery of all garments.
We do request 100% payment from everyone, up front, this, as you can appreciate, is because we pay our Master Tailors in full upon placing your order, as once your pattern is cut it is of no use to anyone but you :)

During our consultation you will choose the key design elements you want for the perfect suit. A price is reached. This price will depend on the fabric you choose for your suit and your lining and the type of detailing you choose. But rest assured our prices are realistic and competitive. If you have a realistic spend limit don’t be shy we are confident that we will be able to meet your needs and exceed your expectations of all our garments.

NEAR THE PEG- Bespoke with a Twist

Why buy from a department store when you can have…..
A fantastic two piece suit in an all season wool blend designed by us!
All the design detailing we have chosen for you reflects the style of a classic suit!
All you have to do is chose the colour!
These suits are handmade and bespoke to you!

At an amazing price of £799.00

As with all our suits a £75 Guarantee Fit Fee is charged on first order
For further information email

Our suits are handmade & bespoke with an incredible choice of Fabrics, Linings & Detailing

Our 2 piece suit prices start at £950 and our 3 piece suit prices start at £1100 but these average spend prices give a great idea of what you may invest in in the perfect suit for you.
Average Spend for a two piece suit in our Distinguished Range is £1000
Average Spend for a two piece suit in our Elite Range is £1250
Average Spend for a three piece suit in our Distinguished Range is £1200
Average Spend for a three piece suit in our Elite Range is £1450
All our 2 piece/3 piece suits are handmade and bespoke to you!

Jackets & Trousers
For further cost details please email or via the contact box on the website

Cravats/Ties/Bow Ties in Silk or Lining Fabric £50
Pocket Square £25
Cufflinks- Rhodium plated so they will never tarnish!
Fantastic value at £35 a pair or two pairs for £55

Also Available Are Our Shirts, Waistcoats & Winter Overcoats

All our shirts and waistcoats are handmade with quality and precision and are available with an equally extensive choice of fabrics and detailing. Each shirt is available with embroidered names, initials or that special date on the left cuff!

Formal or Casual Shirts are £175 inclusive

Waistcoats from £350
Winter overcoats in wool or cashmere from £700
Please note that although our production time is 7-9 weeks it is possible to produce the garments in a shorter time scale but this is subject to additional fees. For further information please email us via our contacts box on this website